Pulpit Supply

Recommended Compensation

We recommend compensating supply pastors a minimum of $200 USD ($260 CAD) plus mileage/travel expenses for one worship service, and $100 for each additional worship service or hourly program commitment (e.g Bible study, etc.) but please contact the pulpit pastor for their specific requirements.  (By vote of the NW District Council, July 11, 2022).

Here is a list of current pastors and seminarians who would be glad to help out if they are available.


Dr. Alan Lee Daugherty
LCMC Pastor
Lewiston, Idaho

Clyde Seifert
Retired LCMC Pastor Emeritus
Billings, Montana

Jonathan Thompson
LCMC Pastor
Keizer, OR

Paul J. Bertholdt
Retired LCMC Pastor Emeritus
Richland, WA

Dr. Jay Thompson
Retired LCMC Pastor Emeritus
Ellensburg, WA

Carol Ann Buelow
LCMC Pastor
Walla Walla, WA

Pulpit Supply Form

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