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Welcome to the official website of the Northwest District,         

LCMC (Lutheran Congregations in Mission For Christ)!  As the

name indicates, the District is the regional associative body 

of the LCMC, and our mission is to serve as a resource and

cooperative hub for LCMC congregations – and LCMC affiliated

individuals – in the great Pacific Northwest.


     We believe that Faith is an undivisable component of Our

Creator’s plan for life, and that, in a world of uncertainty, the

bedrock of God’s Word is the anchor-point of being … sure 

guidance and solidity for both present and future,  There

is strength, too, in the blessing of fellow believers, and in

the shared power of the Scriptures and Lutheran Confessions,

we are both called and enabled to serve each other, our  

communities, and our world (for more about the LCMC, please

explore further at


     On behalf of the Northwest District Council, I extend  an

invitation to join us in embracing the exciting opportunities

which God has been pleased to place before us – a vast

geographical expanse, and enduring pioneer spirit. The

Northwest Region is and always has been a place of

challenge … but it has also always been a place of

corresponding promise. The anticipation of realizing

and affirming that promise, together in Faith, is the

foundational motivation of our District.


     In furtherance of this great charge, this site is intended to be

a gathering place of ideas, resources, official District news

and announcements, and above all, inspiration to service.  As

the number of member congregations in the Northwest grows,

our fervent hope is that users visit this site often to connect

with one another, share information, and stay abreast of what

is happening in our region.


     God is good, and as the people and congregations of the

LCMC strive together to fulfill the defining impulse of our

name – “Mission for Christ” – it is hoped that the Northwest

District of the LCMC will be a worthy and effective reflection of

His goodness, both for His people and a world too often

directionless and adrift.


     Join us in “living forward” in Faith!  Welcome to this site,

this body of believers, and this mission,  Welcome!


Pat Woods,

LCMC Northwest District Council, Chair

USA – Canada



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